If you don’t drink alcohol all that often (I hope so), you’re probably not well-versed in the shelf lives of various alcohols.

Maybe there are a couple of bottles of beer that sit in the pantry for a couple of months now. Or you’ve opened a whiskey bottle you got for your birthday and never quite finished it.

Now you’re wondering if that alcohol is still okay to drink or not, as you’re not sure. You don’t want to discard it, but at the same time, you don’t want to consume anything that might not be safe.

If that sounds familiar, you should find the articles in this category helpful.

Few glasses of tequila

Can Tequila Go Bad?

If you’ve found an old bottle of tequila stored for a couple of years already, you probably wonder “can tequila go bad?”.

Plantation Barbados Rum

Can Rum Go Bad?

There are quite a lot of people who are not quite sure whether or not rum can go bad.

A glass of liquor

Can Liquor Go Bad?

The question ‘can liquor go bad’ is a very broad one. Basically, every liquor can go bad, but the chance of that actually happen is most cases is very slim.

A bottle of champagne

Can Champagne Go Bad?

Sometimes one buys a bottle of champagne, store it in the cellar and forget about it. When we realize that, our first thought is – “can champagne go bad?”.

Bottle of whiskey and a glass

Can Whiskey Go Bad?

If you’ve ever wondered if whiskey can go bad, it can go bad. There’s one more thing worth knowing – it’s extremely unlikely that it will actually go bad.

Beer in frosted mug

Can Beer Go Bad?

Can beer go bad? Beer is a popular alcoholic beverage, but not everyone knows whether it does expire or how long does beer last.

Drinking wine at birthday party

Can Wine Go Bad?

Can wine go bad? Many of us like to drink wine every now and then, but do you know how long does wine last, how to store it or how to tell if it is bad already?

Vodka - as long as it's sealed tightly, it can be stored for a long time!

Can Vodka Go Bad?

Have you ever looked in the back of your liquor cabinet to find that old bottle of vodka from a party ages ago and wonder – can vodka go bad?

Alcohol bottles lot on shelves

Can Alcohol Go Bad?

If you’re the sort of person who has to dust inside the liquor cabinet, you’ve probably wondered, “can alcohol go bad?”.