This category features a wide range of products.

First, there are everyday products, such as coffee or tea. Even though we drink them every day, we don’t always know how long we can store them, or how to tell if they’re spoiled or not.

Second, there are fruit juices, that usually keep for quite a while as long as they’re unopened. Once you open the containers, they’re good for only a few days.

Sports drinks are another group that’s featured here. If you’re not sure how long your Gatorade or soda lasts, you’ll find the info in one of the articles below.

Lastly, we have milk alternatives. If you avoid dairy or would love to give one of the non-dairy milks a try, you can find the info below.

Adding almond milk to coffee

Can Almond Milk Go Bad?

If you’re looking for a tasty milk alternative, almond milk is one of the popular choices. Can it go bad? It surely can.

Coffee beans and a cup of coffee

Can Coffee Go Bad?

If you’ve found coffee that has been stored in the cupboard for quite a few months now, you probably wonder “can coffee go bad”.

A nice cup of tea

Can Tea Go Bad?

If you, just like me, from time to time overload your kitchen cupboard with tea, you might want to know the answer to the question ‘can tea go bad?’.

Kid drinking orange juice

Can Orange Juice Go Bad?

Can orange juice go bad? Many people drink orange juice often, but not everyone knows how long does it last or whether it goes bad.

Sliced lemon

Can Lemon Juice Go Bad?

Can lemon juice go bad? Lemon juice is a juice used mostly in small amounts. It’s good to know whether lemon juice does spoil or how long does does it last.