Who doesn’t love a piece of cheesecake or a brownie every now and then? Or some pancakes topped with maple or chocolate syrup.

While cakes and pies taste amazing, most of them don’t last that long. Plus it’s not always clear if the leftovers should sit in the fridge or if room temperature is fine.

Then there are various syrups and other toppings that last quite a while, but it’s not always clear how to tell one that’s spoiled from a good one.

If you have any questions or doubts about any of those products, the articles below will help.

Can Pancake Mix Go Bad?

Can pancake mix go bad? It can go bad if it’s not stored properly! Learn how to store pancake mix properly with this guide

Pancakes with maple syrup

Can Maple Syrup Go Bad?

Even a big fan of maple syrup might leave it stored and forget about it. When he realizes that, the question that comes to mind is: “can maple syrup go bad?”

Few bars of chocolate

Can Chocolate Go Bad?

Can chocolate go bad? Chocolate is a great treat for both kids and adults. But do you know how long it can last, or whether it expires at all?

A cup of honey and a couple of honey bees

Can Honey Go Bad?

Can honey go bad? If you’re reading this, you probably wonder if honey does expire or spoil, or how long does honey last.