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Hi, I’m Marcin, and this is The purpose of this site is to aggregate information on the going bad of various food products.

Often we rely solely on the date on the label and throw out food that’s perfectly fine to eat. Or we’re not quite sure how to tell if a particular product is already spoiled or not.

Does that smell change mean it’s gone, or is it normal? What about a slight taste alteration? Or that water or oil that’s on the surface and wasn’t there before?

People face similar questions every day, and if you’re not super familiar with a product (or related products), the answers aren’t always obvious. is here to provide you with the answers, so you minimize how much food you waste.

I used to rely on the date on the label and threw out foods that were most likely still okay to eat. As I learned a thing or two about various products, I managed to lower the amount of food I throw out significantly. And that’s what I hope you should be able to do with the help of my website.