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Welcome to CanItGoBad

It’s hard to remember how to store and whether or when certain products go bad.

Sure, that’s relatively easy for things we eat every day, like veggies, fruits, dairy, grains and carbs, baked goods, or proteins. Or drinks that keep us hydrated.

Gatorade expiration date
Gatorade expiration date on the label

But there are lots of products that we don’t consume all that often, like alcohol or sweets. Those tend to sit in storage for a long time, and after all that time we’re not really sure if they’re okay to eat or not.

Then there are products that we buy and use for months or even years like condiments, baking ingredients, or oils and other fats.

Last but not least, there are products that some of us use on a daily basis and others avoid whatsoever. I’m thinking about things like nuts and seeds, or dips and spreads.

Coconut milk opened carton
Bunch of dates on the coconut milk carton

Long story short, there are many different products available, and keeping all the info in memory seems to be impossible.

That’s why this site was created – to give you the most important information about the storage of certain products and how long they can be stored.

If you need to know how to tell if a certain product is already bad, articles on this site will help you as well.