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Can Malibu Rum Go Bad?

Malibu rum is a type of liqueur made with Caribbean rum and coconut extract. It has a refreshing smooth nutty taste and a sweet finish.  Malibu rum can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a mixed drink. Any type of alcoholic beverage with an alcohol level of 15% and above has a long shelf life. Malibu rum’s alcoholic content is 21%.

Because this liqueur has a high alcohol content, Malibu rum has an impressively long shelf life. The alcohol in Malibu rum acts as a preservative, inhibiting bacteria and mold growth while in storage. However, Malibu rum has a limited storage life so proper storage is a critical part of extending the product’s shelf life!

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Can Malibu Rum Go Bad?

Although Malibu rum has a long shelf life, it will go bad at some point because it has a limited shelf life! This alcoholic beverage will last for years and years in storage but after a while, the rum starts breaking down. When Malibu rum goes bad, it will lose its sweet, nutty flavor.

The coconut extract tends to go bad much more quickly than the rum itself. Improper storage and less than ideal storage conditions could also accelerate the breakdown of the product, leading to a funky-tasting liqueur. It is also worth noting that the rum has to be kept sealed at all times during storage so the alcohol won’t evaporate.

Signs that Malibu Rum Has Gone Bad

It is hard to tell if Malibu rum has gone bad simply because the changes are quite subtle. But if you’re looking for red flags, check for subtle changes in color or flavor. If the Malibu rum has turned a weird shade or it starts smelling a little off, the product might have gone bad. If the product tasted plastic-y or unpleasant overall, the product has gone bad.

In some cases, the rum will lose its smoothness so drinking the rum will be an unpleasant experience. When a bottle of Malibu rum wasn’t sealed properly during storage, it will lose its robust flavor.

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How to Store Malibu Rum?

As with any type of rum-based alcoholic beverage, Malibu rum is best kept in the pantry, at room temperature. Just store the product in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, moisture, and humidity. Rum can be quite sensitive to temperature changes while heat sources accelerate the degradation of the rum.

It is best to use the rum’s original packaging to store the product. Unopened bottles of Malibu rum have a longer shelf life than opened bottles of Malibu rum. However, just keep the lid tightly sealed after every use to maintain the drink’s long shelf life. When kept in the pantry, Malibu rum will keep for 10 years or more. This goes especially if the storage conditions are ideal.

Can You Freeze Malibu Rum?

You can freeze Malibu rum only because any type of drinks can be frozen. Freezing is not the most ideal storage method simply because it can affect the overall taste of the rum. There is no use to freezing Malibu rum because its shelf life is quite long. The best way to store this drink is in the pantry, at room temperature.


Malibu rum is a terrific party drink so having a bottle (or ten!) in stock is a great idea if you love hosting a party or got something to celebrate. Can Malibu rum go bad? We’re happy to report that Malibu rum will keep indefinitely at room temperature with no extra prep necessary to prolong its shelf life.

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