Can Triple Sec Go Bad?

Triple sec is a variety of Curaçao liqueur made from sweet and bitter orange peels. This clear, citrusy liqueur is processed using triple copper still distillation, hence the name. This product can be mixed with different drinks or enjoyed on its own. Triple sec is quite aromatic and it adds a refreshing flavor to mixed drinks. If you love Triple sec then you probably have a bottle or two in storage. Thankfully, this product has a long shelf life!

Can Triple Sec Go Bad?

Just like any type of alcoholic products, triple sec has a lengthy shelf life. Some say this product does not go bad at all! Because it’s made from distilled alcohol, triple sec has a self-preserving property. It is quite resistant to bacterial growth and mold growth. As such, triple sec does not go bad. It does, however, degrade during storage.

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Degradation of the product occurs when the triple sec is exposed to extreme heat or humidity. When the product is not sealed during storage, the triple sec loses its flavor too. If you’d like to enjoy triple sec for a long time, you have to store the product properly!

Signs that Triple Sec Has Gone Bad

While triple sec keeps well in storage, it will start evaporating slowly. This goes especially if the product has been left sitting at room temperature for a long time. Leaky or unsealed bottles of triple sec could also cause the product to lose its flavor. However, despite losing flavor, triple sec is still safe to consume. If for some reason the product develops an off-color, flavor or appearance, toss the triple sec in the trash.

How to Store Triple Sec?

Triple sec is a stable product so it is best kept in the pantry. The product won’t spoil at all because the alcoholic content inhibits bacterial and mold growth. That being said, this product is sensitive to heat and light so store the triple sec in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Keep the container’s cap closed tightly at all times for optimal flavor.

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You can also store triple sec in the refrigerator. This is a great option if you love your drinks chilled or if you are worried about evaporation. No additional prep is needed to store triple sec in the fridge, use its original packaging. When kept in the pantry or fridge, triple sec will keep indefinitely.

Can You Freeze Triple Sec?

Yes, you can freeze triple sec but only because any type of food or drink can be stored in the freezer. However, this product does not require freezing at all. Triple sec will keep indefinitely regardless if it’s frozen or kept at room temperature. Thawing may increase the risk of flavor loss too, something to keep in mind if ever you decide to freeze this liqueur.


Triple sec makes a delightful addition to your favorite cocktails. Having a bottle in storage is a great idea if you love mixing your own drinks or when celebrating a special occasion! Can triple sec go bad? The great thing about storing alcoholic drinks is that they do not go bad at all. Still, you have to store the triple sec properly to reduce the risk of evaporation or flavor loss.

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