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Can Tahini Go Bad?

Love hummus? If you love this creamy, delectable dip then you are probably familiar with tahini too! Tahini is a type of paste made from ground sesame seeds. This preparation is used to give hummus its rich, creamy consistency! Tahini also adds a delightful umami flavor to hummus.

Apart from being used as an ingredient to hummus, tahini can be used as a sandwich spread, vegetable dip, and as a salad dressing. You can also use tahini to whip up Tarator sauce. This product is quite versatile so it’s always a good idea to keep tahini in stock.

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Can Tahini Go Bad?

Although sesame seeds have a lengthy shelf life, the same thing cannot be said with tahini. This goes especially if the product has been kept in the pantry for too long. Tahini has a reasonable shelf life so it won’t spoil quickly. As long as the product has been stored properly, there is no reason to worry about spoilage at all.

One way to extend the shelf life of tahini is to use an airtight container. Tahini is quite sensitive to temperature changes. It must be kept in a cool, dry place away from sources of heat and humidity. This product is also susceptible to mold growth so always keep the product sealed after every use for best results.

Signs that Tahini Has Gone Bad

It is quite easy to tell if tahini has gone bad, just check the product by smell. If the tahini has been emitting a rancid odor, the product is no longer safe to use. It is normal for old tahini to develop oils but once the oils start breaking down, the product will spoil. Also, check for the presence of mold. If you’re seeing greenish blue specks all over the tahini, toss the product in the trash.

How to Store Tahini?

Tahini can be kept in the pantry or the fridge. Sealed, unopened bottles of tahini are best kept in the pantry. Once the container of tahini has been opened, it’s best to store the product in the fridge to prolong its shelf life. This goes also for tahini that’s nearing its expiry date. Refrigeration will delay the degradation of the ingredients.

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As for homemade tahini, store the product in the fridge. Homemade tahini has no preservatives at all so it has an increased risk of going bad. Use an airtight container to protect the homemade tahini from chilly temperature.

When kept in the pantry, unopened bottles of tahini will keep for 4 to 6 months. When kept in the fridge, tahini will keep for 6 months to a year. Homemade tahini has a much shorter storage life. It will only keep for 5 to 7 months in the fridge.

Can You Freeze Tahini?

Yes, you can freeze tahini. Tahini will keep well in the freezer so if you have no plans of using up your supply anytime soon, better freeze the product right away. Transfer store-bought tahini in a freezer-safe container then stick in the freezer. Separation between ingredients is normal after thawing frozen tahini. Just give the product a good stir to reincorporate the ingredients. Tahini will keep indefinitely in the freezer. However, consume the product as soon as possible for optimal flavor.


Tahini is a versatile ingredient and it makes a great snack too. Storing leftover tahini or bottles of tahini in the pantry is always a great idea if you love inviting friends over. Can tahini go bad? Tahini won’t keep forever but as long as you know how to store the product properly, there is no need to worry about spoilage at all!

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